Supplier of yarn for Little Llama knitwear, has only quality yarn.

There are good certifications, such as the gold llama which illustrates that it is 100% content of yarn from alpaca animals.

Little Llama strik certificeret med guldlamaen

The silver llama is a certification of blending alpaca and other, Little Llama knit also has the exclusive blend of baby alpaca and silk.


And then the yarn also has other certifications.


 "It is the MISSION of the Yarn company to transform the alpaca and other natural fibers into products with high added value, satisfying the worlsd need, promoting its global use, and taking care of the Community and the environment.

Thre VISION is to produce the best products made of alpaca and natural fibres, providing unique experiences to customer and community in a sustainable and innovative way, through a committed and empowered team.

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