Baby and children's clothes made in baby alpaca or silk and baby alpaca yarn are particularly soft and without lanolin, and several parents of children with atopic eczema say that their child enjoys knitting made in these materials from

We have tested our knitwear with several children and adults with eczema and they agree that Little Llama's knitwear can be worn directly on the body and that they feel comfortable.

Louise bought an Ollie one-piece suit in silk and baby alpaca in off-white 4 months ago and her son Alfred is calm and content with the suit on and she feels that he has just the right temperature with the suit. No reactions on the skin.

RESEARCH behind hypersensitivity and childhood eczema

Research shows a connection between hypersensitive skin and children's eczema, which is also called atopic eczema. Children or adults with atopic eczema find that even the smallest touch can trigger an itchy attack, it can be clothes, bedding, sweat or anything else that bothers the sensitive skin.

The connection between hypersensitive skin and childhood eczema has been documented in a research study from Aalborg University. PhD scholar Hjalte Holm Andersen from the Department of Medicine and Health Technology at Aalborg University is one of the researchers behind the study.

It may also help to explain why some children react negatively when they try on clothes that they cannot bear to wear. The explanation for the child's reaction can be found in the connection between childhood eczema and sensitive skin.

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