Washing instructions for Babyalpaca

The soft Alpaca wool clothing called baby alpaca is fantastic, and basically the clothing does not need to be washed. It can only be aired once in a while.

But if the clothes have got a stain, it may be necessary to wash them.

We recommend that you hand wash it in a dishwashing tub in 30 degrees warm water, equivalent to hand-warm, it is a little below our body temperature, which is 37 degrees.

It is important that the water has a constant temperature, because baby alpaca cannot tolerate changes in the water temperature.

Use detergents especially for baby alpaca, it must be without lanolin and enzymes. Detergents can be bought from Little Llama, and if you don't have any, you can add a small dollop (teaspoon) of organic hair shampoo to the wash.

We also sell organic vegan special soap for baby alpaca knits.

Baby alpaca is particularly good for people with allergies and eczema because it does not contain lanolin and because it is soft and airy with a smooth surface. Also, it doesn't fumble.