Fair trade

Our DNA is fair trade with the producers of our knitwear. We usually say that it is as well done inside as it is outside. They do an incredibly nice job and we are very proud that they work with that passion and love for the clothes. The producers set the price based on what the yarn costs on the market and what the knitters should be paid. As we prefer to make our clothes in elegant thinly knitted styles, this means that the knitters use the finest industrial knitting machines with a thin needle.

If we go back a step in the process, it is the farmers who have the alpacas grazing. The alpacas live in the Andes mountains, where it is deserted and free from the pollution of the west. The alpacas live in the wild, but the farmers ensure that there is grass and water and what else they live on. And they also have places where the animals can get shelter and search together.

The farmers cut the alpacas' fur 1-2 times a year. The yarn companies buy the fur from the farmers, which they are incredibly skilled at making into yarn in many ways and in different mixtures, both eco yarn, natural yarn in the colors of nature (brown, grey, black and off-white and mixtures between the natural colours).

We design the clothes here in Denmark and our manufacturer knows how important quality is to us, both details and stitching. And that is why we can happily say that we are proud of our clothes, both in relation to the process, the collaboration and that the 100-year-old craft traditions and knowledge of the alpaca yarn can be carried forward.