Sia in deliciously soft silk and baby alpaca knit from Little Llama

Temperature regulating
Many parents choose wool for their children because it is temperature regulating and ensures that the little bodies have a good temperature in all kinds of weather. There are many delicious types of wool, with different properties, and when it comes to temperature regulation, Baby Alpaca is the best air-conditioning we can give our children. The reason for this is that the alpaca's coat consists of hair, and not wool, like other yarn products. The structure and fibers of the hair mean that they have a very good insulating capacity for the cold days, and the smooth surface of the hair ensures that excess heat is released if the body's temperature rises.

The explanation for this amazing ability to regulate the body's temperature must be found in the environment in which the alpaca lives. In the Peruvian Andes live the vast majority of the world's alpaca population. The temperature in these areas can vary greatly between night and day, and in the different altitudes that the alpacas are at.

Baby Alpaca is fantastically soft in itself, and we have many different styles made from 100% Baby Alpaca. At Little Llama, we have also chosen, as the only ones, to combine Baby Alpaca with silk, which together gives a really delicious and extremely soft product. All our styles in gray and off-white are composed of 80% baby alpaca and 20% silk.

Baby Alpaca does not contain lanolin, like other types of wool, which makes the product hypoallergenic. Children who normally cannot tolerate wool because of lanolin will therefore be able to use clothes knitted in Baby Alpaca. In addition, Baby Alpaca is a good choice for children with eczema, due to the softness of the yarn, which is suitable for delicate or sensitive skin. 

Health-giving product - good for the body
Baby Alpaca is undoubtedly a delicious product for our skin due to its softness and good acclimatization to body heat, but the product also has other benefits.

The clothes that we humans wear are not just on our skin, we absorb the substances that are in our clothes through the skin, and therefore it is important that what we wear is free of bad products.

Baby Alpaca is what you can call a health-promoting product, because it is a natural product that is good to have on the body. Yarn from alpacas has the advantage that it comes in more than 20 different colors, directly from the alpaca. That is why our styles in off-white, black, gray and brown are in the colors that are the alpacas' natural colors, and are therefore naturally found in the fur. Our few styles in colors are knit dyed with allergy-tested dyes that meet global standards.

See the yarn's certifications on the website.

Sia in deliciously soft silk and baby alpaca knit from Little Llama

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Little Llama laver vidunderligt børnestrik i den fedeste kvalitet, vi er fuldstændigt vilde med det. :-) Det er både super behageligt og vores baby nyder at have det på, det kan vi se. Prøv det !

Tøjet er også rigtig godt til runde børn, der frit kan bevæge sig i det. Og babyer må gerne være lidt runde.


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