TURTLEDOVE BLUE- clunch & neck tube in 100% alpaca

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Super delicious set in soft and delicious alpaca yarn.

hat and neck tube in douche blue made of 100% alpaca. The neck tube can be wrapped once around the neck for a relaxed look or twice for more warmth around the neck. The hat has a look a la French peasant hat. and is light and elegant. and is indispensable when the weather is windy and cold.

material: 100% alpaca in the color douche medium blue.

The set is also made in other colours: brown, green and gray and in the most beautiful soft qualities of alpaca yarn (baby alpaca or baby alpaca and silk. Look in the web shop under women / accessories .

It is cheaper to buy a hat and neck tube as a set, you achieve a nice saving. Leg warmers in baby alpaca can also be purchased. to DKK 250

Everything is in 100% natural products (no synthetic yarn included).