PIPALUK - mini clutch in certified Inuit sealskin

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PIPALUK cute mini clutch made of Greenlandic Inuit sealskin. Closes with a zipper. Black lining inside. Length 20 cm x 13 cm high x 5 cm bottom.

Materials: Certified Inuit skin from Greenland.

Colors: silver spotted or black sealskin

The actual sale of the Greenlandic Inuit sealskin is done with a good conscience, as you, as a buyer, contribute to a number of different sustainable elements in the process. Among other things, skins are categorized as NON CITES products, which means that the skin does not come from an endangered animal species. All skins are bought through Copenhagen fur and stamped with Great Greenland, so there is no doubt about where the skin comes from.

This beautiful cosmetic purse/mini clutch has the following dimensions: Length 20 cm x 13 cm high x 5 cm bottom. Danish design.

Danish design by the designer Trine Habel, certified Inuit skin from Soul for Seal.

Greenland sealskin:

  • A little about our certified sustainable products from Soul for Seal, which are made exclusively from Greenlandic Inuit sealskins from adult seals. The sealskin products complement the knitwear collections in Little Llama's web shop very nicely.
  • See more about Certified Greenlandic Inuit sealskins under Certified sealskins. According to the European Commission's regulation 1007/209, it is permitted to trade and produce products from certified Greenlandic Inuit sealskin. The skins are also categorized as NON CITES products, i.e. skins from non-endangered animals. You can therefore with a clear conscience buy sealskin products that are made from Greenlandic Inuit sealskin from adult seals. cf. EU regulation (EC) no. 1007/2009.