Little Llama is sold in DK and abroad

But you can order directly in our web-shop, via Little Llamas Ambassadors or our sales agent.
Call if you would like a visit with a demonstration of the beautiful knitwear for babies, children and mothers.
Our beautiful knitwear has of course been in stores in Denmark and abroad.
Have you bought and branded our knitwear?
Purebaby Copenhagen Ø
Purebaby Frederiksberg
Kalle Children's Clothing & Shoes, Charlottenlund.
Beautiful scenery in Aarhus,
Mommy´si Svendborg or
The plot in Sønderborg
Viabell in Risskov
and if you want new knitwear, contact us via phone +45 30284455 or email:


Agent contact:
Ayako Yoshida -

Zaailing Boeken BV
Ruysdaelstraat 21-23
1071 WZ Amsterdam
Phone +31 020 6793817