How can your child's clothes be knitted in baby alpaca yarn?

The alpacas' soft fur is cut 1-2 times a year, and can be made into one of the world's softest and most comfortable yarns. From the softest and finest part of the yarn, Little Llama's knits are knitted in the quality known as baby alpaca.

As the alpacas' fur comes in very varied colours, yarn can be produced in 22 natural colours, in a range of colors from off-white to black, and from gray to brown with shades and mixed colours, which are a mixture of several colours.

The animals live in the Andes and can live in a hot and cold range from +20 to -30 degrees, so it is both warm, but at the same time the yarn is the most acclimatizing. Which means it never gets too hot or too cold. You can wear it both indoors and outdoors without getting too hot.

We get our yarn from the best company in Peru, Michel Yarn, whose yarns are all certified. The durability of the knitwear is many years if you treat your knitwear well.

alpaca animal