Detergent for wool, silk and fur - natural detergent

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DETERGENT FOR WOOL, silk and fur. in GLASS BOTTLE of 50 ml for refilling

About the product

Cleans and cares for all textiles made of wool, silk and washable furs. Can be used for cashmere, lamb's fur, merino wool, diapers and diaper pants. Detergent for wool, silk, fur can be used for hand and machine washing at temperatures between 30 and 60 degrees, regardless of the hardness of the water.

During production, only renewable raw materials have been chosen. These are easily biodegradable and thus very environmentally friendly. In addition, any kind of fragrances have been deliberately avoided, which makes the product particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

If you want this product as a vegan version, we can recommend it plant-based detergent for wool, silk, fur .

If the clothes are very dirty, it is recommended to treat the clothes with one of our products stain remover before washing.

Short and compact: the advantages of this product

- Use of renewable raw materials of high quality.
- With lactic acid, which reduces lime deposits.
- Without palm oil, fragrances, optical white and enzymes: Suitable for allergy sufferers.
- With relubricating PEG75 Lanolin.


The dosage is based on machines with a capacity of 2.5 kg of dry laundry.
Ulrich Natürlich detergent for wool, silk, fur is very economical to use, where only 20 ml is needed for one wash.

Size Number of washes Retail Price Price per wash
500 ml approx. 25 DKK 77.00 DKK 3.08
5 liters approx. 250 DKK 635.00 DKK 2.54
25 liters approx. 1,250 DKK 1,549.00 DKK 1.24

All washing wears out the clothes. Both by running the clothes around in the machine, as well as the choice of soaps. That's why we have several different types of laundry care, depending on the clothes' needs, to give your clothes a longer life.

See our guide for choosing laundry care here

Product specifications

All the ingredients in this product are easily biodegradable. This product is free of palm oil, fragrances, bleach and enzymes . The product has been developed without animal testing.


Wool contains lanolin, which gives wool its good properties. When exposed to water (rain, washing water, sleet, etc.), the lanolin is eventually washed out of the wool. In order to add lanolin to the wool, and thus retain the wool's good properties, a detergent containing lanolin must be used. This product contains lanolin that comes from wool from sheep.

Lactic acid

Many detergents contain substances that bind the limescale in the water. The more lime in the water, the more detergent you need to use. The substances go out with the washing water, where it settles and ends up in the sewage treatment plant and thus the sewage sludge.

Detergent for wool, silk, fur from Ulrich Natürlich contains lactic acid, which neutralizes the scale, instead of binding with it. This means that, regardless of the amount of lime in your water, you only need to use 20 ml (a 2/3 full capsule) for a full machine wash. The lactic acid is converted with the lime into calcium salt, which is easily soluble in water. When it escapes with the washing water, it ends up in nature, which can use the salt as natural nourishment.

The lactic acid has an antibacterial effect, as well as makes the clothes easier to iron and prevents the clothes from becoming hard/stiff.

Our 500 ml bottle is made from 100% recycled materials. We recommend purchasing a 500 ml bottle for daily use. After this, we recommend buying a can to refill your 500 ml bottle. Buy cans to reduce plastic waste. By buying cans, you help the world become a little greener. With a outlet tap for the can you can easily refill your 500 ml bottle.