Washing instructions for Cashmere (no. 2 of 2)


Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibers in the world, and our cashmere products are produced to last for a long time.

High-quality cashmere has the special property that it becomes nicer and softer after use and washing. Yes, many people actually find that their cashmere knits get better and better with time.

In addition, you can count on our cashmere clothes to keep their shape and measurements very well when washed.

In other words, you can enjoy your cashmere for many years if you care for it properly. Here are our recommendations:


Cashmere has a completely unique self-cleaning effect, which means that odors disappear from the clothes, so you don't really need to wash cashmere very often. Often it is enough to hang the clothes out in the fresh air or take them into the bathroom when you shower.

But if you want to make the clothes extra soft and plump, you can wash them occasionally. It is a good idea to remove any stains, as food and grease stains along the way.

We recommend the following washing treatment:

In the machine on a safe wool wash program 30°C or hand wash 30°C.

It is actually more gentle for cashmere to be machine washed than hand washed. With the machine, you also ensure the absolutely correct temperature.

In the washing machine

  • Preferably wash cashmere in a laundry bag
  • Wash together with similar colors
  • Use a fine wool detergent for cashmere.
  • Avoid fabric softener.
  • Do not tumble dry.

Hand wash if you hand wash

  • Soak the cashmere clothes in a tub, do not let the cashmere clothes soak for longer than a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Gently press the wash water through the cashmere garment - do not wring or scrub.


  • Let the cashmere garment dry on a towel on a flat surface and in an extended form.
  • Stretch into shape while the cashmere garment is damp.
  • You can also roll the cashmere garment smoothly in a clean towel and let it dry at room temperature.
  • Never hang damp or wet cashmere clothes on a hanger, as the clothes will be stretched out of shape.
  • Do not leave the clothes to dry in direct sunlight or in strong heat - as they may become bleached.


  • You can iron the clothes with steam on the wool setting (approx. medium heat = 2 dots).
  • Iron with a towel/towel between the iron and the cashmere garment.

Remove stains

Stains are washed as a regular wash. recommended above. It is important not to scrub or rub patches of cashmere, as this can damage the cashmere fibers. If it is not possible to remove the stain, we recommend that you contact a dry cleaner.


If you take good care of your cashmere knit, it can last for many years.

We recommend:

  • Give your cashmere knit at least a day's rest after use.
  • Feel free to let it hang out in the fresh air for a day.
  • Only leave your cashmere knit hanging on a hanger for a short time (max a few days). When cashmere knit hangs for a long time, it is stretched out of shape.
  • Store your cashmere lying down, in a cupboard or drawer.
  • If you put your cashmere away for a season, make sure your cashmere is clean before you put it away. Fold the cashmere in a cotton or plastic bag, preferably with cedar or lavender to keep moths away.
  • You can beat any kill moths and insects by putting the cashmere clothes in the freezer for a day. Make sure it is in a tight freezer bag.


All cashmere knitwear frays initially, but generally high quality – superior – cashmere frays the least. You will especially notice that it forms lint under the arms and where the knit rubs against each other. After a while of use and a few washes, it pretty much stops fumbling. This is connected to the fact that superior cashmere consists almost entirely of long fibers, and they fray less than the short fibers from which cheap cashmere is produced.

There are also other factors that affect whether cashmere fluffs. These factors are in particular how closely the garment is knitted and how thin cashmere thread is used. Wuth products, which are knitted in extremely thin thread and in high gauge (knit fineness), therefore fray very little.

You can remove lint in the following ways…

  • With a wool comb. Lay the cashmere knit on a flat surface, for example an ironing board. Pull the comb over the elastic a few times. Make sure to pull the comb in the same direction each time. It takes a few minutes and is gentle on the cashmere.
  • Be careful with your fingers. It takes some time, but is also gentle.
  • With a wool comb or an electric lint remover. The electric one is effective, but you have to be careful that it doesn't cut a hole in your cashmere knit. Is good for loosely knitted clothes.

Please remove lint before washing. When you have washed your cashmere knit, it will feel softer and fluffier - and far less frayed.

Some also recommend that you put your cashmere knit (in a freezer bag) in the freezer for a day if you want to spruce it up.