About Little Llama *

​We thrive on running a concept that is sustainable both in production, collaboration, quality and financially. It is important to us that the clothes are soft and comfortable and healthy to wear.

We also have exclusive knitwear in silk, cashmere and wool, and only the best and most luxurious knitwear, because it has to feel so comfortable to wear.


Little Llama makes delicious and unique knitwear for newborns and small children in the most delicious materials. The design is Nordic with a unique touch and the most delicious soft quality.

We want to combine the long-standing traditions of extracting high-quality alpaca wool from South America with the Danish tradition of design and good craftsmanship. We have selected the softest yarns of the highest quality and the whole process is done in collaboration with designers from Denmark, who bring the best Nordic traditions together with natural yarn of the highest quality from South America.

All our products are knitted in 100% baby alpaca and baby alpaca with silk, which is fantastically nice for your child to wear. Baby alpaca wool is one of the finest types of yarn worldwide, which appeals to those of us who are both environmentally and fashion conscious.


The driving forces behind Little Llama are Helle and Nicoline. Nicoline came up with a stay in Peru, to one of the world's most exclusive and best yarns, which form the basis of all Little Llama clothes today. Helle has many years of professional experience with children and allergies from the Danish healthcare system, as well as a great natural focus on caring for children through a healthy environment. Together, we want to run a sustainable business, with health, the environment, recycling and allergy-friendliness in mind.


We want sustainable and ethical production.

The animals roam freely in the Andes in a pollution-free environment, and the farmers cut them 1-2 times a year. They sell their yarn to a Peruvian yarn company, which transforms the cut fur into the most beautiful yarn. We purchase the yarn that is extracted in the most natural way. Fair trade with farmers and yarn producers in Peru is important to us. The yarn is certified with gold alpacas and there are eco-certifications.

License gold alpaca for best yarn

The ultimate CSR strategy is sustainable design. In the process, the environment and the consumption of resources are taken into account. With alpaca knits, the environment is taken into account, as the clothes rarely need to be washed. At the same time, the strong and elastic yarn means that your knitted product will last for many years. We would therefore encourage the clothes to be recycled when your child can no longer fit them or they are saved for the next child.

We hope you like what you see and feel!

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Fair trade

Little Llama works together with the Michell group, which is a socially responsible yarn company in Peru. Internally, they work with fair trade.

All Little Llama's alpaca yarn comes from Peru.