Washing instructions for Wool

Merino wool knitwear is great, basically because it doesn't actually need to be washed. It can only be aired once in a while.

But if your knit has got stains, it may be necessary to wash it.

If you have a really good wool program in your washing machine, it is possible to wash woolen clothes in the washing machine. We recommend that you put the clothes in a laundry bag.

/ wool program max 30 degrees

But we really only recommend that you hand wash it in 30 degrees warm water, equivalent to hand-warm, it is a little below our body temperature.

What is most important is that the water has a constant temperature, because wool cannot tolerate changes in water temperature. So wait to put the clothes in the tub until the tub is filled with water at the right temperature.

Important: knitwear made of wool must not be soaked.

Hand wash in MAX 30.C (finger warm/hand warm) water

  • Use plenty of water
  • Use liquid detergent for wool and with a neutral ph value.
  • Move the shirt around in the water with careful movements, do not rub!
  • Rinse the shirt properly in water at the SAME temperature as the washing water.
  • Many times it is enough to hang the woolen clothes out in cold/freezing weather! (cleans himself with the lanolin).

When the woolen clothes are washed:

  • Lightly spin the jersey in a pillowcase or wring out the moisture using towels.
  • The garment must be dried flat in the correct fit. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Never hang a wet shirt to dry. Avoid substrates that absorb and retain moisture (terry towels), as you run the risk of color bleeding and the clothing losing its natural elasticity.
  • Do not tumble dry woolen sweaters as they will shrink and shrink.
  • The surface of the clothes becomes smoother after washing and with light steaming, but you must never press the clothes either wet or dry.
  • Silk must not be pressed or steamed.
  • When steaming, preferably use a steam iron or possibly an ordinary iron with a damp cloth between the shirt and the iron,
  • but NOTE woolen knitwear must never be pressed.

Detergents depend on the type of wool in question. Little Llama also sells organic, vegan and enzyme-free detergents.

Little Llama has knitwear in different types of wool (see washing instructions under each item):

  • Merino wool
  • cashmere
  • alpaca - the softest alpaca yarn is called baby alpaca.

PS: Untreated wool, angora, mohair, alpaca are qualities that must always be hand washed.