SOUL - Baby-children mittens in warm sealskin

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warm baby mittens with lovely warm lining. Made from certified Inuit skin from Greenland. size 6 months - 1½ years.

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Danish design by designer Trine Habel.

Greenland sealskin:

A little about our certified sustainable products from Soul for Seal, which are made exclusively from Greenlandic Inuit sealskins from adult seals. This product complements Little Llama's children's collection very nicely.

For the Greenlandic trappers, seal hunting is about food and culture. The prisoners go out primarily to catch food for their families. The seal meat is considered a delicacy and an important source of nutrition. The seal's entrails are given to the dogs and the meat to the family. The skins are a side benefit that the prisoners obtain by selling the skins, and thereby they also create the basis for better economic living conditions.

The Greenlandic seal hunt has always taken place with respect for nature, and the seal population in Greenland has never been threatened. The Greenlandic prisoners only use permitted catching methods, and nothing from the catch goes to waste. All sealskins come from adult seals that have lived a wild life. The EU only allows the import and sale of Greenland seal skins. Each and every seal skin is registered when the catchers sell it on.

The designer Trine Habel designs the bags and Soul for Seal produces and buys the sealskins and therefore has full control over the entire "food chain".

According to the European Commission's regulation 1007/209, it is permitted to trade and produce products from certified Greenlandic Inuit sealskin.

The skins are also categorized as NON CITES products, i.e. skins from non-endangered animals.

The skins were bought at auction through Copenhagen fur, which has the skins from Great Greenland. Each skin is stamped with Great Greenland's logo on the back, so there is no doubt about where the skins come from.

Only Greenlandic Inuit sealskin is used.

You can therefore with a clear conscience buy sealskin products that are made from Greenlandic Inuit sealskin from adult seals.

All products are unique, as the sealskins appear different for natural reasons.

Note See trading conditions before you buy, if you want us to ship to Greenland + countries outside the EU, see Soul for Seal's conditions (

EU regulation (EC) no. 1007/2009.